About the project…

I am delighted to have been made a Churchill Fellow by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (https://drandrewrowland.wordpress.com/the-winston-churchill-memorial-trust/) and I am incredibly grateful to the Council and the Trustees for the award that has been given to me as well as to the Association of Paediatric Emergency Medicine (https://drandrewrowland.wordpress.com/apem/), my colleagues and my employer for the support they have given me which has enabled me to embark upon this project.

During 2014 I travelled to:

Austin, Texas
Paris, Texas
Phoenix, Arizona
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Denver, Colorado
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ipoh, Malaysia

Hong Kong


I’ve now reported back on how we might be able to improve the interaction between Paediatric Emergency Medicine services and Child Protection Services, looking specifically at:


1. What training is given to clinicians working in emergency medicine to help them to spot the more subtle cases of children who are at risk of, or who have suffered from, significant harm?

2. Are specific child protection training programmes in place for other medical staff and what is the format of these if they do exist?

3. What is the impact of mandatory reporting legislation on referral rates to child protective services and how does this operate in practice in various jurisdictions?

4. How do professionals view mandatory reporting and who do they believe this should apply to?

5. Are outcomes measured for children who have been through child protective services, following an attendance at an emergency department or other health facility, and if so how are these measured?

6. How do Paediatric Emergency Departments interact with child advocacy centres and child protective services?

7. How do child protective services and child advocacy centres compare with our own local authority and police services and what can we learn from them which would improve things for children here in the UK, particularly those coming to emergency departments?

8. Whether or not the experiences of other jurisdictions would support legislative change in the UK to move towards a system based on mandatory reporting of child protection concerns and, if so, to what extent this should apply


Professor Andrew Rowland BMedSci (Hons)  BMBS (Hons)  MFMLM  MAcadMEd  FRCEM  FRCPCH  FRSA
Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine
Honorary Professor


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