Children, Young People, Young Adults & Families #Manchester I❤️MCR

My utmost respect goes to the members of the public and professionals who voluntarily joined us, who offered assistance to us whenever they could, and who worked tirelessly with us throughout the night in support of other human beings.
An atrocity targeting children, young people, young adults and their families.
A community that has selflessly pulled together with efficiency and genuine compassion for victims and families, in the light of last night’s events. Countless acts of kindness and altruism for the public benefit.
Some of you may know people who were there; some of you may know people who were affected; some of you may be affected.
Here is something that Children and Young People might find useful as they think about what happened last night:
Follow for updates and information about what you can do to help.
My thoughts and condolences go to the victims, and their families and friends, involved in this terrible incident.
#Manchester I❤️MCR

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