4509 children and young people supported Jan-Apr 2016

Over the last four months, 4509 children and young people and 2219 families have been provided with support from M’Lop Tapang.


  • 2231 children and young people from 1497 families have been supported by the Outreach Team
  • 882 children and young people are in the Back to School programme
  • Each month 309 children have been provided services by the mobile library
  • There have been 222 hotline calls
  • There are now 1017 ChildSafe members


From a medical point of view:

  • 8893 treatments for children and 436 treatments for adults have been provided in the Medical Clinic
  • 379 treatments have been provided through outreach visits




We are currently in the process of writing up, for scientific publication, the results of research undertaken with vulnerable street-living, street-working and street-associated children and young people. Watch this space as the results will, I believe, really advance the worldwide understanding of the issues faced by vulnerable children and young people. The partnership with Salford University and The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust is crucial in helping us to move this important piece of work forwards before moving on to further academic evaluation of outcomes of the above work.

One of the new partnerships being formed here is a three year project focused on re-integration and job employment activities for children and young people incarcerated in the local prison.

There are about 286 children and young people in the prison and optimisation of their health both prior to and after release will be crucial to maximise the success of this project.

286 children and young people in prison with a problem with their water supply.

286 children and young people, in one town, who will require a huge amount of support to re-integrate them into society.

The child protection issues here are prevalent in every part of the town and it is through the recognition of the interaction between health, education, social care, vocational opportunities and justice that the best opportunities will be available to optimise the future for these children and young people.

Remembering the seven steps to better protection of the health and wellbeing of children and young people is crucial to continue to improve the lives of the people who are the present, and the future, of our global society:

1.Improve education

2.Increase employment

3.Tackle poverty

4.Decrease neglect

5.Recognise YOUR role as a community leader

6.Empower children and young people

7.Develop ChildSafe communities with children and young people at their hearts



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