Snake bites!

It’s been a day of teaching today.

The day started with a 0600am wake up and we were in the M’Lop Tapang centre before 0800am. This morning we delivered four hours of training on first aid and recognition of the seriously ill or injured patient.

We expected ten people in the group but 30 arrived which made for a lively interactive session!

We don’t teach CPR here – it isn’t right to potentially resuscitate a child to the point where an intensive care admission might be required when there is no such unit here – but that doesn’t stop us from teaching important skills to recognise and respond to serious illness or injury.

After a working lunch at the Holy Cow, I spent the afternoon talking to the outreach, education and social-work teams about the recognition of child abuse cases and the seven steps to greater protection of children and young people that I’ve learned from my work visiting different professional groups around the world.

After teaching I went straight into a videoconference discussing global health and immigration.

The team here are really pleased to have received a grant from the BMA information fund providing much-needed educational resources. I’ll try and get a photo of the books tomorrow to demonstrate why we need to build a new library here in the near future!

The first half of my meeting didn’t end until after the centre here had closed but one of the staff kindly dropped me off in the 4×4 so I’d be in time for the second half of the meeting before doing some more work on which patients might need a referral up to Siem Reap – a twelve hour bus journey away.

It’s been proper bi-directional learning today. I’ve learned loads about treating medical emergencies in resource-poor settings and have been able to pass on knowledge and skills to hopefully further develop the skills of the super multidisciplinary team here.

That bi-directional learning brings me back to snakes. I’m none too fond of our slithering neighbours. I say neighbours as they are, apparently, all over the community here.

Ravy – the amazing Nurse Practitioner here – has been teaching us about snake bites today. Something I didn’t know much about but I’m glad I learned.

Apparently the snake sometimes come to visit clinic! I only hope I’m at an outreach clinic if they do! 🐍


Good night!


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