Improved health and social care for thousands of children in 2015

As 2015 draws to a close I hope this will be helpful as an update on the first year of our partnership between my hospital, the University of Salford and M’Lop Tapang.




Living on a Railway Line has directly resulted in the creation of new policy at the British Medical Association and the BMA have made approaches this week to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to take some of this even further forwards:


As you may also know, I (and four other Trustees) launched a brand new charity (SicKids) this year which I announced at the end of a speech which I gave at Blenheim Palace earlier this year.


We now have registration with the Charity Commission for England and Wales and this was picked up by the Oldham Chronicle in October:


I’ve undertaken two visits to M’Lop Tapang in 2015 (May & November) and we’ve had monthly Skype meetings with the team which have been going really well. During the last visit to Cambodia in November we started work on writing a M’Lop Tapang guide to commonly encountered paediatric conditions. We’ve also introduced a new Asthma management pathway which is on its way to dramatically improving the health of children living with the respiratory condition who attend M’Lop Tapang’s clinic in Sihanoukville.


Some updates from recent visits are here:


Next year I’ll be at M’Lop Tapang again in May and November and this time will be taking one of SicKids Trustees (self-funding) with me in May (


It would be great to be able to raise enough money to take a small team of health and social care professionals with me during each visit next year to continue the work we’ve started in 2015 – this will require about £1000 per person to cover travel, immigration and accommodation expenses. I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed that we can somehow raise the necessary money!


2015 has been a superb year for M’Lop Tapang. Over the course of the last year, M’Lop Tapang has:

  • Provided services to more than 5000 children
  • Provided more than 20000 free treatments in the clinic
  • Involved more than 2200 children involved in educational activities
  • Enabled more than 700 children and young people to participate in art & sports
  • Educated more than 1000 community members about child protection
  • Certified more than 150 new ChildSafe members
  • Provided vocational training to over 100 students
  • Had more than 50 street children use the 24 hour drop in facilities
  • Worked with more than 130 drug users in the community
  • Educated more than 1000 children and young people about educational activities
  • Trained more than 70 students at their (delicious) Sandan training restaurant
  • Provided outreach support to more than 3000 children & 1500 families
  • Reintegrated 40 children back to their families from the streets and beaches


M’Lop Tapang have also just been awarded a grant from the British Medical Association to create a new health and social care library in the Health Centre at the main site.

You can also find further updates and photos on Twitter (look for the postings between 11 & 15 November 2015): (@SicKidsUK) (@DrAndrewRowland) (@MLopTapang)


I’m looking forward to another successful year 2016 – I think what we’ve done this year is a good start, really!


Thanks for your support in 2015…







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