Outreach clinics in Cambodia

This week I’m heading back to Cambodia to M’Lop Tapang where I’ll be undertaking some clinics in the health centre, outreach clinics in the jungle, holding some research seminars and taking part in the Board of Directors meeting.

It is Independence Day in Cambodia today and I’m sat at Manchester Airport waiting for my (long) flight to Phnom Penh via Doha and Ho Chi Minh.

Cambodia Flag

I’ve got a suitcase full of guidelines printed off ready to work with the team in the health centre in Cambodia to turn them into things that are suitable to use in a healthcare system that is desperately short of resources.

We have been working with the team at M’Lop Tapang all of this year and holding regular, monthly Skype clinics which have served two purposes: bilateral exchange of education as well as support for the difficult cases that the staff have been dealing with.

Some people think that the partnership that we have set up between my Trust, my University and the social development organisation in Cambodia is a uni-directional partnership. They couldn’t be more wrong. We have a fantastic amount to learn from the health and social care staff in Cambodia, whether it is how to better recognise the children who have suffered from, and are at risk, of child sexual exploitation or how to implement guidelines in a lean way in a resource poor environment, with rapid results. Supporting the fantastic health and social care staff in Cambodia is professionally very satisfying and I’ve seen at first hand how the introduction of simple, Cambodian-specific guidelines for common conditions, such as Asthma, can have striking, and super fast, results for the children and young people they are applied to.

The launch of my our charity, SicKids, now registered with the Charity Commission will help to support work with the health team in Cambodia (all of whom are working tirelessly to improve the situation for children and young people in the South West of the country), as well as supporting more local projects in the North West of England.

SicKids is currently trying to raise money to further develop the monthly Skype clinics with the team in Cambodia and to be able to provide a Sensory Room to help support the health and development of children and young people with learning difficulties, disabilities and developmental delay.

If you think you could help us this Christmas, have a look at this link to see how you can provide support without any additional cost to yourself:


Alternatively, if you would like to make a donation to our work, please have a look here.


Its time to board now, so I’ll hopefully be send a few updates or tweets during the week.

I can’t wait to get started as soon as I arrive!



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