Circulation reaches 34 countries around the world

Circulation to 34 different countries around the world

United Kingdom, USA, Cambodia, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, France, Canada, Thailand, Spain, Russian Federation, Italy, India, South Africa, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malta, Switzerland, Ireland, Barbados, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Jordan, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Georgia, Bangladesh, Republic of Tanzania, Brazil, Sweden, Sri Lanka.

Did I expect that in just six months since I started publishing my views on a number of issues related to the protection of children, people in 34 countries around the world would have been reading what I have been writing about?

Absolutely not, and it is amazing to think that what started as a UK-based project has attracted so much international attention. The interest in my report and the topic-based opinion pieces I’ve been writing on this website since April 2014 has been really fantastic.

Report download

The Executive Summary of Living on a Railway Line and the Full 338 page Report can be downloaded here:

Next steps

Over the next few weeks I’ll be continuing to meet with key stakeholders to discuss implementation of the recommendations contained within Living on a Railway Line and I’ll also be continuing to give a series of lectures and seminars on the background to the report and my recommendations.

The support I have received from colleagues and friends to ensure visibility and circulation of this report – designed to build strong, healthy communities with children at their hearts both in the UK and overseas – has been superb and I’m very grateful to everyone who has become involved.

Next week marks the 25th anniversary of the signing of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and I’m going to be spending the next few days gathering together my thoughts on how successful, or otherwise, the last quarter of a century has been at protecting children throughout the world.

I hope the recommendations within Living on a Railway Line continue to be circulated and that over the course of the next few weeks and months we will see real engagement and action from individuals and groups keen to implement specific recommendations in the UK and in countries overseas, paying particular attention to both the UK-aimed and International recommendations.

You are welcome to contact me with ideas and comments. I can’t promise to reply to all of the comments I receive but I can promise that I will read them all.

Until then, I’ll leave you with a thought from the late Robin Williams from the film Patch Adams:

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”


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